Saturday, February 28, 2009

my beautiful weekend

guess how am i going to spend my weekend?
i am going for a camp in confusion independent school in petaling street from saturday till sunday...
this is how my beautiful weekend ends...

went out to petaling street and sg wang after my management tutorial class, i was moody throughout the few hours...
with the grumpy and so-pek chek face
i did not buy anything today...just some window shopping (amazing)

at night, i went out for movie v dear in Mid Valley
--love matter--
bump into Ray in front of the cinema, in the same box, and in the same movie
the show is nice...
and i wondered--'why jack neo's show all happy ending one ar?'
but i usually hope all show to end happily ever after...haha

it is 1.34am now...and i am so sleepy already...
haven't pack my stuff
ah...bother it lar...tomorrow only pack lah...sleep 1st sleep 1st...very sleepy already...good night ya

Wednesday, February 25, 2009



study week一起在study corner一起熬夜



第一次熬夜到那么 “早”,真是值得纪念的一天

不知道谁酱三八,photography session放在七点早上
只因为我怕等下眼睛肿 = =



今天在study corner 啃书以外,也与朋友们聊了很多


p/s: 以上东西本人没经历过,也不想有这种经验,是从身边朋友的身上看到的




season of ulcer

i hate you ulcer...
can you please leave me alone??

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

GREAT news

Kao Wei Xiang said he is gonna perform 'fan dance' this coming Saturday-28th Feb 2009
Venue: University of Malaya 7th Residential College
Time : 8pm

He said he hope all of you can attend and support him...
He also hoped that, those with camera could bring along their camera,
he said he will be pretty on that day...

P/S: do you think it is true har? i also don't know whether to believe him or not... = =

Sunday, February 22, 2009




Saturday, February 21, 2009

just being random ^^

what'll happened if i don't study:
1st is this:
and next is:

this = =

wuliao dao~~~

specially for YOU--D'Allists

D'Allists-memories that i can never forget in Nilai UC

I have actually mentioned about them before in my early post...And after quite long time, i finally have the strong feeling to blog about them after chatting with Vivian just now.

Well, Vivian...1 of the girl that gave me most of the memories in Nilai. She is the 1st person i met when i arrived in that total unknown land in Nilai IC (now named as NUC)...the used to be a nerdy girl when i 1st met her, has now transformed into a big leng lui already...and when she officially shift into the hostel, i met her again. There is one of the few times where i take out my courage and say 'hi' to still-a-stranger-to-me her...and i even ask her to have lunch with me and julian...though in the end she did not join me, but i am happy to know her name-Vivian.

After bumping into her for the 2nd time, only i know her room is just 1 floor above my room. And during the group dividing session for the orientation week, i am so happy to see her in my group, together with another i used to think she is a cool girl- Denise, and Matthew.

Well, throughout that whole week, we (vivian,denise,julian and me) move in and out together. We get to 'expand' our gang where more and more people add in. I still remember the 1st time MK talk to me and i just give and 'O' reply makes him think i am actually so difficult to get along with. (and people still giving the same comment saying i m so 拽 at the 1st sight...OMG) And after the orientation week, we go to class together, we skip class together, we went outing together, we 'ma pou' together when chewy shifted into my room (imagine 5 girls on 2 single bed), we sang 'only you' whenever and wherever we want together, we fooled around in starbaker, we ate burger together in the midnight and much more to be listed.

Within that 1 short month in there, we had happy experiences (pleeeeeenttyyyyyyy of), and sad experience (unavoidable)...though that is my 1st time leaving home, some more to somewhere so 'ulu'...but they manage to give me the feel of 'family'.

Chewy, the dai ga jie of our gang.we 1st met her as the noisiest 'counselor' of our intake's orientation week.ya, is true...she is noisy...really noisy...and we get to know her better when she shifted into my room. She too gave us many unforgettable experience where the last few days before she left NUC, we played and chatted in starbaker till midnight, when almost everyone fall asleep on the sofa, only 1 of us will drag everyone back to our own room. On her departure day, we woke up early in the morning (i think we only slept for 1 or 2 hours) with all the sleepy faces. we waved to her till she is out of our sight. This is my 1st time sending someone away (sounds so sad). This is because after this, i don't know when i will meet her again. Ya, very true, i havent meet her till now (plus minus 1 and half year already) and just recently she contacted me and said she will be back in Malaysia soon. Wow so happy...(wondering...why is US so far away from Malaysia)

I still remember one of the nights, where four of us were so tired i and denise kacao vivian and julian when they are sleeping...haha...then i and denise decide to just stay up till the next morning...we each took a cup of maggi cup noodle, stay in the kitchen and chat till the next morning...haha...what a memory...

i am really glad that each and every of you, gave me lots of memories before i leave Nilai...even after all of us got seperated, we still manage to gather somewhere once in a while...

and now...Vivian is gonna leave for Australia to further her study...i sincerely wish her all the best and hope she can cope with any 'cultural shock' there...hope to see you again!!cheerio

orientation week intro lecture
nilai springorientation night ^^

our outing to sg wang
in nilai ktm station...geng ler...denise.mianyi.chewyi

our 2nd gathering in Mid Valley
the girls

and last but not least....ta-da...VIVIAN
i will miss u de...hope to see you online soon ^^

P/S: this post is actually post specially for vivian...she makes me think of Nilai and D'Allists...hehe

Friday, February 20, 2009


从science faculty,一路跑到巴士站去...
最...........pai seh 的事是,
我无颜见人了....T T

Thursday, February 19, 2009


is finally your birthday, and it's your 21st birthday
here i would like to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY
the most kuno-ish wish, MAY YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE
which also include, can get to study in the university you want lah, earn lots of money, and etc....

feel so glad to have you as my sis

P/S: is mum really going to buy you a diamond ring? $)

'post' of appreciation

thanks dear for sending me home cook lunch all the way from OUG...
u really did gave me a pleasant surprise!
but i really feel so bad when i know u take a taxi all the way to my place just to pass me my lunch...

fried tomyam mee hoon and fried egg
and my favourite-bananas!! (sounds so obscene hor)
once again...really thanks so much o...^^

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Para Para Sakura

2nd post of the night...

as usual, i love listening to songs with my lovely earphone (free item come along with my laptop), especially at night, where many memories will come into my mind...

Para para sakura...
is once a very familiar song for me...and i believe for many people too!
i remember this song is once very famous during my 'childhood'
about 7-8 years ago when i was still in primary school...

i remember watching the performance of this song during my primary school graduation day.
i did mentioned to a friend, i never like primary school.
i never even cry during the end of the farewell party.
because i do not have much friends back then
thanks to someone, who always be the one who ask my friends to leave me! WTF (allow me to say that)
but i am glad that, at least there is something that worth me remembering about primary school

and i still could recall when my cousin teach me the dance step of the song.

memories memories...
i knew i have plenty more...

hungry night...

sad to W610i is half dead...
i am not quite sure whether is the battery problem, or the phone itself...
one night, when i wanna charge the phone...
guess what it came out?

'charging, alien battery'

WTH...nyon said the phone boycott me, wanna stop working for me already...

funeral for the phone...hope you rest in peace...
anyway, i still hope it can be revived....

because i am force to go back to zaman kuno...
'phone without camera and no mp3, just polyphonic...T T'

ohya...i just came back from Nyon's birthday celebration...(will upload pictures later)

i need something to keep me awake...
2 papers to go next week...
and again...i just started studying...oh no...

Monday, February 16, 2009


well...obviously, it is a wound-and it's on my back

it really hurt when i lie on my back! what a beautiful wound...= =

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day 2009 (2)

i am back to continue with the previous post ^^

next station-which is the last station-NiuZeXui which is located in Ara Damansara
we did not walk all the way from sunway to there-whoever did it is really crazy (I MEAN IT!!) thanks Matt for fetching us there...

oh no...blurred (thanks to the guard, still)

Fullhouse is fullhoused by couples...what a nice and romantic cafefree admission..hehekids posing with angry donald duckour turndaisy and mianyi

SS pictures (featuring Daphne, Matt, Daniel, Mianyi):

trying to imitate-but not the size of him (definitely)

i just love his teeth...don't ask me why, i just think it is cute :-) :

the so-called mini disney land in malaysia:
after buying big apple donut (AGAIN!), and it's time to go back...
sad to say, i miss disney land in HK
happy to say, i love valentine's day ^^

happy valentine's day 2009 (1)

since days ago, i keep listening to my frens talking about valentine's day-where to celebrate lah, go out with who lah, and so on...
haha...valentine's day is finally here~~~

my 1st valentine's present...

present for him...^^

1st station of the day---shogun,sunway pyramid
felt so excited when i step into the restaurant, we got the seat where we can see the sunway lagoon--which is so hot at 1st...
but ended up shouting for help because eat too full~~oh no...what a waste

2nd station--met them in sunway...

oh no...blured

i really have to stop here, my eyes can't open already...
good night everyone...

to be continued...