Monday, November 15, 2010


dear, thanks for adding another members to my doodolls collection yea! <3<3

Monday, November 1, 2010

study week once again~

i have a longer study week this time (3 weeks)

i shall think this way,

'i used +/-3 weeks time to complete 12 subjects for SPM, why cant i finish 7 subjects in 3 weeks too?.....keep the faith...and be more discipline....'

good luck and gambateh to everyone yeah!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

an unforgettable saturday~

-i went to the hospital
-waited for around 45 mins outside the hospital; no fan; panas
-the MO gave me 2 jabs
-to distract my attention, 1 nurse said: wa, besarnya kaki; and the MO said: wa, lawanya kasut..= =
-1 jab on my left arm, another on my right elbow's vein..(i even asked the nurse, can don't inject me or not T T)..
-the 1st was painful; 2nd caused dizziness
-really very dizzy after the 2nd jab, and the pain caused by the 1st jab only disappear after 2-3 hours
-the MO tested my body temperature and i was still busy talking although the thermometer was right below my tongue and the nurse said: ei!tutup mulut..@@
-MO said i had a 'high fever' of 38 degree celcius (eh betulke ni, where got fever?? = =)
-the worst of all is, he asked me to go back for blood test tomorrow (by right should be later..already passed 12am).. i think he suspected me for denggue...almost pengsan after he said that
-by the way, i planned to ignore the blood test (needle phobia now)

i conclude: i hate hospital so much, especially needle...however, what surprised me was the MO and nurses there are quite friendly...hmm...that really surprised me!

-went for someone's 90years old birthday just now
-had some wine...hmm hmm

that's how i think my saturday was really unforgettable..especially on the hospital visit thingy...(till now still feel scare..aiks)

by the way, good night ya everyone!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

OH TIDAK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

i am back at home after 1 long month~

after supper, my dad look and me and say, 'i m sure u never exercise in KL 1'

T T.....he is trying to say: 'walao, see how fat u are now...' T T


P/S: today is BEAST's 1st anniversary after debut....happy birthday BEAST! <3<3~

good night all~hopefully i will recover from sick after i wake up tomorrow ^^

Thursday, September 30, 2010

breath, breath, breath~

good morning everyone,

start the day with the song

숨(Breath) by 비스트(Beast)

ahhh~i feel energetic now!! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

facebooking instead of acc theory-ing

more or less giving up
hope i can manage to 'goreng' as much as possible tomorrow (later)

my dearest Mr. G,
please don't be so cruel to me, i promise i will be more hardworking for final :P

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

to-do-list before holiday ends

1. BR assignment
2. Adv Audit assignment
3. Business Ethics assignment
4. Company Law assignment
5. Study for Accounting Theory mid-term test

i think i am running out of time (*______________________*)

ulcer oh ulcer

freaking ulcer that turn me into a 'qi lei gan'

ulcers have been attacking me since semester starts, never once leave me alone...i wonder why >.<

bad temper :(

i have been a VERY VERY VERY bad temper kid recently...
sorry for the one who have to be my poor victim everytime...
sorry sorry <3<3

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

how easy is it if u pass by a friend without saying hi or even smile? i am so impress that she can do it so easily!!! perhaps that cost her a lot gua..who knows... :)

to me: stay happy la...not worth feeling upset over such people...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

what will you say, if.......

....your phone become like this after knocking for few times because it hang??

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


努 力改变现状;

2.女孩子并不在乎与你生活在一起会遇到困难,她在乎的是你 会不会迎难而上,不逃避;

3.女孩子并不在乎你长得有多帅,她在乎的是你能不能给她足 够的安全感;

4.女孩子并不在乎你跟你的异性朋友有多好,她在乎的是你能 不能一心一意对她好;

5.女孩子并不在乎你送她的礼物有多贵,她在乎的是你会不会 时常给她个惊喜;

6.女孩子并不在乎你的志向有多远大,她在乎的是你是不是一 个老实做人、踏实做事的人;

7.女孩子并不在乎你有多浪漫,她在乎的是能不能从生活的点 滴中感受到你的爱;

8.女孩子并不在乎你的人可以每时每刻都陪在她身边,她在乎 的是你的心可以无时无刻想着她;

9.女孩子并不在乎你在物质生活上给她多大的满足,她在乎的 往往是一句窝心的话,那似乎比什么都重要;

10.女孩子并不在乎你现在的境况如何,她在乎的是你能不能 让她看到你的未来;

11.女孩子并不在乎你跟她的关系有多亲密,她在乎的是你会 不会负责到底;

12.女孩子并不在乎可以分享你的快乐,她在乎的是可不可以 分担你的忧愁;

13.女孩子并不在乎跟你在一起吃苦,她在乎的是陪你走到最 后的是不是她。

Tuesday, April 20, 2010



Friday, April 16, 2010


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Monday, April 12, 2010






Thursday, April 8, 2010

another wave of craziness


it keeps me awake!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010




Monday, April 5, 2010


finish class at 6pm and at the moment i passed by the lecturer's table and saw the microphone, i suddenly feel like taking up the mic and sing...

sometimes people just need to be like that, maybe life will be happier?


wonderful week

people usually say, rest is for you to walk further...yea, time flies, final is coming in 2 weeks time and i choose to have sufficient rest and relax puas-puas before starting my torturing 1 month.had a last minute decision to go home on monday, i skip tuesday and wednesday class, went to Assunta Hospital to visit Dear's grandmother on Friday (not part of my relax schedule though =P)...went to Tropicana City Mall on Saturday afternoon with Ray and ShiaoTan for lunch (met MY FM 特工队 there and won some prizes!! :) ), then went for midnight 1am movie with Ray, Shiao Tan, Jennifer and ES to watch Clash of the Titan. Was so worry i will fall asleep during the movie, luckily i didn't ;)...Had a stay over at Shiao Tan's house, and went for lunch at 12pm then Tesco to buy ingredients needed for the dinner later at night.Never knew, we can be there for so long. (not any shopping mall, just Tesco), reach ShiaoTan's house at 4 something,nearly 5 and we start preparing food.
the 3 of us :)

ABC soup cooked by ray

mushroom dish by Ray also..(my favorite of all!)

curry chicken by Jennifer (very delicious!!)

steam fish by shiaotan (nice!!)- she said she got her own secret recipe and cannot be revealed XD

steam otak-otak plus egg (unknown chief)

smelly vege...i also don't know cooked by who :P

me :)

dessert of the day


wonder what are they watching (ah kua show???) >.< yam lou..... =p

wine after dinner + otak-otak + fererro rocher ^^

that marks the end of my wonderful week...i shall now happily start my torturing 1 month...T T

Saturday, April 3, 2010


suddenly miss my fringe and my long hair so much ~ ~


I want to wake up earlier today to wash my clothes (with washing machine = =)
because, if i don't wash them later...i do not have tshirt to wear ad...T T

today is also my best friend- Julian Ng's birthday
We knew each other since primary school, we are not school mate, but we know each other in some sunday school thingy..
We started get closer when we got into the same secondary school, same class since form 1 till form 5
We sat next to each other, talk non stop, 'check' each other's answer during exam (XD), went for the same tuition and after graduate from secondary school, we eventually got into a very ***** college...however, we got into different matriculation and end up with different course and different university again...
by the way, happy 21st birthday yea!!
will have a belated celebration with you and ah bo soon yea...

photo captured at around 2 years ago, in year 2008...awww...we were so young before (as if we are very old now...=p)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


sometimes i really wonder,
how do you expect people to respect you if you don't respect them?

have you ever consider that?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Apple Holiday~

Was quite shocked to see, my granduncle's picture with his art appear in a very big billboard in front of Section 17's junction

Here's the picture:

Thanks dear for the photo, because i was driving at the moment :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

sense of satisfaction

hadn't been so satisfy since so long time ago...

had my lunch with zhi xi and shu ting in the KPS food court...
1 plate of chicken rice and 2 bowls of soup...

have no picture to show..but it is delicious..hehe


















当 我和世界不一样
坚持对我来说 就是以刚克刚
我 如果对自己妥协
即使别人原谅 我也不能原谅
最美的愿望 一定最疯狂

就这一次 我和我的倔强

对 爱我的人别紧张
我的手越肮脏 眼神越是发光
你 不在乎我的过往
你说被火烧过 才能出现凤凰
逆风的方向 更适合飞翔

就这一次 我和我的倔强

就这一次 我和我的倔强
就这一次 让我大声唱
就算失望 不能绝望
就这一次 我和我的倔强

Thursday, February 25, 2010

another earphone for me ^^

my cousin Chee Siang fetch me from my faculty to the UM main hall-DTC after telling me that there is an event there, where you are required to register for it, sing a song, and they will give you a earphone. But it is only for the first 45 participants-obviously, i manage to be one of the 45..hehe...

Was in dilemma whether to join or not because i was actually quite shy to sing there, luckily Helen said she can sing duet with me, but we will need to sing 2 songs together. hehe...

Was quite happy i got through, not sure how i sang. hee.. But at least i earned myself an earphone, although it is not from any famous brand, but looks nice, and sounds nice..

Here's the picture of it...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


What are the 'bintik-bintik' on my arms a?
they are ugly and i am thinking how to get rid of them...+________+

P/S: the weather is so hot here, and i really miss the really-cold weather in Korea!!

time to sleep...9am audit tutorial tomorrow...nitez!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I wish...

I always wish to have my own corner, which it belongs to me only.

so I can do my own thing there, without anyone bothering me.

so I can cry out lout, all on my own, without thinking of whether there will be anyone laughing at me when I am crying.

Can I have that, right now?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Personality test

sensing OR intuitive?

i think i am more to intuitive...
friends, agree with me?

CNY shopping spree~~

went shopping today after class with hTos and wai fun just to shop for more new year clothes!!

bought few for myself, and this is for my daddy:
and this is for dear, hehe:
i have to say that, I am really broke now...
but, i just can't wait for CNY!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010


just hope to do some study before going out for BBQ later..

my motivation today will be BBQ~~ yeah!!

Time for medicine..T T

uh..i just don't like it..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Friendship, seems tough to many people,

but very few people knows that, it is actually very fragile.

Handle with care, because you won't know, when you gonna break it...