Thursday, September 20, 2007


hav no time n no laptop 2 write blog i squeeze few days in a post la...hahaha

before i came bek 2 KMJ,i had watch de movie 'secret' at home...
last week,candy bought de pirate dvd in tangkak town n we plan 2 watch it on friday night

we nid either a laptop or something 2 watch de dvd,so candy go n ask around while i was busy bathing,washing clothes n hang my clothes..when i was bek,she told me that she found a dvd mobile player in a fren's room..

when de clock show it is 9pm,nik came 2 candy's or half my room(guess what? i smuggle into her room 4 bout 2 months ad)..haha..then she brought a packet of maggie mee n ask me 4 hot water n oso something 2 put her maggie mee..then,every1 rush 2 that fren's room...

a mobile dvd player's screen is only bout 6 inch wide..imagine there r 10 ppls squezzing around de bed n look at de small screen...huh...

n we finish the drama at around 11pm..after calling my dad..den i went bek 2 de room n do my homework..haha...

2day is thursday..haha...i usually wake up at 6.45am everyday but 2day i slept till 7.30am..means what?overslept la!i rush rush rush n i oni manage 2 eat only 2 pieces of bread..den i go n attend class ad...

thursday...1st 2 lesson,is econs tutor..i hate 2 hav econ tutor at such time cz i owaz fall sleep in class..huiyo...but luckily 2day teacher let us leave early as usual..then i n kai huey went 2 de ko-op n buy something...then we attend class in lecture hall...which is econ's lecture..

when we step into de lecture hall,we sit down at de same roll same place which we used 2 sit der,but suddenly..a horrible smell comes up n we found der were pile of shit near de place we sit...i would like 2 emphasize,de smell is horrible..den we all rush up 2 de highest place n sit down,we all kip checking,is der any shit under our shoes but we couldnt find any..weird right..n i saw pei pei who sitting near where de smells come from using a tissue paper n cover her nose like a ninja...oh gosh..

after that lesson,den we went to tutor room,after that again,we attend maths lecture..we all sitting at de highest seat again n dis time we were really crazy..i suddenly sang nikku nikku kawanku..den pei wen continue main main nenkupao(whic is nik's nickname),syoknya syoknya selalu n etc..n de whole bunch were laughing like mad ppl...uh-oh....haha

hav nothing 2 write ad la..4pm...class omost end n i wanna go 2 de bazaar n look 4 foods ad...yeah yeah

Saturday, September 15, 2007

busy busy n busy a hot day..
n de internet connection is so damn slow...adui...

dis morning,i received a msg saying that de budget 4 chinese new year culture night hav been rejected by mr liew saying that got 1 point is not specific enough..actually i oso cant do anything,the leader fr each group give me all those rubbish budget of their group,
the cleanliness group only tell me what they need,but din tell me the amount n oso the price 4 each things,so i hav 2 write everything on my own bcz he had been admited 2 hospital due 2 denggue fever..
while 4 the other group,they request 4 those stupid items,make me dun even dare 2 write them out bcz it is really stupid... 2 do le?i oso duno lei..
final exam is coming in 1 month times,
n i not yet start prepare...
when it is near 2 exam,teacher giv more n more homework..
2day is already saturday but i still hav loads of homework 2 do..aiyor...
aiya...put them aside 1st,
got something 2 talk here...haha
fr last thurs onwards is Ramadan months,so de muslims hav 2 feast 4 the entire month..but of cz i wont join them la..haha
every evening,there ll b a bazaar selling loads of foods..
so we ll go n walk walk c c too..haha
later i wanna go n buy my dinner there again..haha

n ho...i heard fr a fren saying in block c,there is a malay saw 'those thing' in the midnight..

then ytd 'akua' peiwen told me that in block D(which i m staying-my fren's room) but is 3rd floor la..a malay saw a kid run into her room in the midnight n sit on her chair,n then the small kid jump onto her bed le..aiyeyer...
but dun care la..haha really too hot here..need 2 go bek n do my homework ad..


Thursday, September 6, 2007

haha!!maths lecture cancelled...thatz y i hav time 2 online in de school cc--------->'cc'? slow connection,ppl kip looking at what u write n etc...vy sien de la..

huh...this has been a really tired week 4 me...

>n MORE choir

haiyo...hav no time 2 do my works,study...
next week nid 2 handup de CNY celebration budget... time le no time le...

times 12.30pm now...
gotta leave 4 choir ad...