Thursday, May 29, 2008

trip to KL


early in the morning,my whole family went down to KL..we went to the national cancer society because my mum wanna go for check up..we wait from 8++ till 10+ and i fall asleep on the sofa until my mum come n wake me up for breakfast..seriously the milo and tosai we ordered r really...terrible...then off we go to petaling street to meet up with daniel for lunch...then we walk around in that place for awhile before we go to sg wang..was kinda happy because have the chance to have our lunch together..we went to sg wang and shop and my dad actually planned to leave sg wang by 3pm..but then he changed his mind and we shop till around 7pm...i spend a lot,seriously.but is only once in a i guess should be ok lah...haha..was kinda tiring.


and today is D'Allists reunion bus ticket is at 10pm,so i can wake up later..once i and julian went up the bus,we chat until we reach pekeliling...and we went to mid valley to meet up with the gangs..we went to kim gary for lunch and we made a lot of noise my opinion,kim gary's food is so-so only,but i dont understand why there are still so many customers..then we planned to go for bowling but then there are no empty tracks avaible..then we planned to go to 1 utama and sing k..MK drove us there and the other two guys went there by taxi..pity them..we sang and scream and shout in the k-room till around 6pm then MK fetch me and julian to the lrt station...i was so worry that i cant reach pekeliling on time for my 8pm bus..but we still managed to reach there 5 minutes before the bus depart..phew...was really tired and on the following day,which is today,i hav a fever and sorethroat...aiks aiks

P/S..will upload images after i come back from singapore...and will miss u dear..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

surprise,surprise and surprise....

the day before 20/5,i went out with julian,and she told me the result can be check on the following day..i was thinking,oh no...i thought i still got 1 more day to play..but..aiks..forget it..have been worry since i finish my maths paper 2..actually,if is not because of that paper,i think i wont worry that much..that day when i was sitting for my math paper 2..just dont know why,i cant answer most of the question..instead of looking of solution 1st,i waste some time calculating the total marks i may lost.. and after the paper i rush back to my room and cry till my mum phone me and later daniel phone me too..after talking to both of them,i realise i shouldnt waste anymore time thinking of thing that had i quickly go n bath then continue study again...

hmm...on 20/5..i wake up early in the morning,quickly switch on the laptop and go to the designated website and check...i wait and wait and wait,but in the end,few red words appear...'userID anda tidak ada.sila masukkan userID yang betul.'i tried for times but still the same thing happened..and only to find out,the result will come out tomorrow...ok fine..i wait..

on 21/5...i wake up early again..i switch on my laptop once again,and check,still the same thing happen and later billy send me a link and there is a notice telling us the result will come out on 22/5..but then few hours later,mei xin tell me that her friend said can phone back to our own college and ask for result..was thinking whether i should phone and check or not and i decided not to..but then my parents force me to check..i phone for times but the line is always busy..until i determine to give up..and at around 3.50,i decided to give a try..and i swore it will be the last time if fail again.but then suddenly someone answer 'hello...' and yeah...finally...i manage to check had been a great relieve for me but i think i will need to consider which university as my 1st 8 choices now...and soon i know i have to overcome all this again next is full of challenges...

Sunday, May 18, 2008


愛與希望 詞/王雅君 曲/林俊傑
我的心也被震碎了 下一秒瓦解了 淚堆積成了河
愛~讓我們不放棄活著 還要繼續和大自然拔河
當愛與希望 投射炙熱的太陽
昨日淚光 會隨時間都蒸干
別輕易放棄 明天要許更多願望
裝滿了勇氣 就更有力量
當愛與希望 倒映暖暖的月亮
再回頭望 又是築好的家鄉
我打開了窗 看見了晴朗
nice JJ's song to share...^^

Thursday, May 15, 2008


was kinda boring at home (seriously)...i did almost the same thing everyday...wake up,stick to the computer,eat,walk around and is time to sleep this moment,i am too free and it makes me think of the busy moments in KMJ...actually,i quite like the lifestyle in KMJ,besides exam...every morning,i need to wake up by 7,of course,sometimes i will wake up late but my roommate will still wake me up..then i will go for class from 8am till 4pm...but..i know i am a bad student..aha..i often skip class with my buddies..we went for lunch together,then we go bek 2 our rooms,either we sleep or we study ourselves..then in the evening, i will waste my time walking around,because i admit i cant really study in the evening..after dinner,then i will start studying and do my homeworks..every busy days makes me appreciate my weekends more...unlike now...everyday is a free day...makes life so boring and meaningless..

every night,i and my roommates will spend some times talking to each other,sometimes my roommates will come over to my place and discuss her homeworks with me,although sometimes i was really annoyed with too many questions from her but i still try my best to explain to her...yea is true,in this place,we are cultivated to be more tolerate with each other..and now, so boring at home,my parents busy with their business,brother busy with his studies...or i should say i am the 1 who always stay in my own corner doing my own stuff..haha..

people says,we will never learn to be satisfied with what we have now...when i was busy last time,i hope there is holidays for me,but now when i m having holidays,i hope i can go back to the busy lifes last time...sound so ridiculous right?
business notes everywhere on my bed

yea..was studying(believe or not?)

vandalism-ing with my roommates

Thursday, May 8, 2008

finally i am done with my undang test n amali...which means i can get my L license soon..that afternoon,my dad decided 2 bring me out v his kenari n teach me how to drive..when we reached, i thought my dad will ask me to drive on a big n empty road but end up he asked me to drive around a roll of new shops..which means de roads are quite narrow for a newbie like me!then i did a mistakes like few of my friends did last dad asked me 2 step on the brake but i step on the other paddle n luckily there r no obstacles in front..phew..

yesterday i went down to KL with long yii and ryan...i have not seen long yii since chinese new when we sat together in the bus,we talk non-stop with her scary laughter...and the indian woman who sat beside us keep looking at us...scary...the bus is freezing and we felt like peeing...and when we reach the bus station,we go straight to the toilet...great relieve..haha..then we go to sg wang and daniel was waiting for us there already..we walked together at 1st then long yii suggested us to split..then i and daniel went to the arcade..i lost once and i won once..then i suggested to eat 'gui ling gao'..kinda bitter but i like it..when we wanna leave,i realize the worker inside looks like wanna chase us out...aiyer..

then,4 of us went to shabu shabu for our lunch,we ate tomyam steamboat,ice cream..and of course i enjoyed watching mr.bean too!hehe..we actually plan to do something really stupid,but in the end,we didn't manage to do it due to the lack of time..we walked around till around 5pm then is time to say the monorail station,i saw chi ching and her boyfriend...what a coincidence!
then is time to go back..that night,i slept so early...because i am so tired...ahahha

the crazy long yii and i


daniel and i

4 of us in shabu shabu