Sunday, January 27, 2008

last day of my mid-sem break....

huh...last day of holiday!time flies....T T...

when i recall back what i hav done during the whole holiday,i found i have wasted my times doing nothing!however,i went back to my secondary school yesterday for a st john duty..i saw few of my friends who have just graduate last year and also my teachers.when i was talking with my friends, sir charles saw me and he called me,so i go over and talk to him..1st,he asked me,'wa yap!having holiday a?' then i said 'ya lo...', then he asked me how's my result,then i answered him.i never expect him to praise me or what, because he never praise me before since he know me! is true... but he said, 'haiya,u all matric very easy to score 1 lah! internal exam,your lecturers mark yourself 1,so very easy 1 lah!'..then i answer him,'nola sir,if is for UPS, our lecturers mark our papers...but..' and he interupted me by saying' you see you see...your lecturers mark yourself 1...' and i continued 'but our final's paper is made by university's lecturers and our papers will be send to other college and will be marked by other college's lecturers.' at that time,only he said,'har?really a?'
haiyo...this teacher ah...since he know me,he only know how to tease me instead of praising me.

i remember there is a time,when i was in form 5,i was my school's choir team's pianist..and he came over to me and tell me 'Yap,do you know that your sister is actually MUCH better then you are?'
actually i m so hurt that time,but instead of showing my 'smelly face',i just smile to him.
from my previous post,i mentioned before how he react when he saw my result..'yap,you are really lucky' this is what he said to me...
ok fine,and now...haiz...fine....
but,to be honest,he is kinda weird....

since he said i am much better then my sis,of course there are much peoples who are better then i am! and he said to me that day,' yap,when are you free?i think of asking you to do some voice training and choose new choir members.'

herh...weird people....ask other peoples who are much better then me to do that lar...

anyway,forget it...=]

just now i was doing my account project because the due date is on 29th jan 2008,then i was taiping all my stuff and i even ask for nik's help ( she did helped me a bit bit,yeah....a bit bit), then i look at my green paper which stated all the particulars needed for the project,and i saw the due date is on 29th FEBRUARY 2008!! then i started scolding in nik's chatbox and ... i also don't know what happened careless i am!haha...
this is nik's chatbox....and i wrote it....haha is the last night of holiday,and i will be going back tomorrow...huh...
anyway,after 1 week,i will be back again...wahahaha.......

p/s: something really funny happened today,i woke up at around 11++ am and my mum told me, this morning,she asked my dad go out and buy duno what 'zi gu'(sorry i don't know it's name),because she need it, but she reminded my dad, don't buy so much, 2-3 kg will dad said ok then he went out already. after around half an hour,my dad came back happily with a box of that 'zi gu'....

he bought 13kg of that thing! and end up got scolded by my mum....poor dad...haha

Friday, January 25, 2008

the MUET day

today i woke up in a shock,have a look at my phone, <2>
both messages informed me that MUET result is out already..actually i hav already knew about that the night before...i tried many times using sms,
1st reply...
service not available
ok nvmind,i try again
2nd reply...
semakan keputusan MUET akan diaktifkan mulai 24/1/2008,12.01am
but come on,it was 1am++ that time,it is ok if i cant check the result due to the 'so-efficient' service,but it cost me RM0.30 per message! with this kind of reply! i feel like cursing the MPM at that time! but i know i m TOO GOOD i decide to go n sleep after finish doing something on a friend's blog without cursing them..haha

this morning,finally i receive the message i want...
huh...i aimed for band 4 and i really got band 4, happy?ok ok?disappointed?well,i don't know english level is too weak to get more then band 4,so...i should feel thankful actually...

due to some reason,i was in a real bad mood the whole day. i decide to hav a rest today,stay away from,not really la..i have no mood to do those things today...haha...
so i was in a total 'rest mode' today,wake up,read magazine,lunch,magazine again,sleep with my 'beloved' economy textbook,wake up,play ps2(the sims),dinner,go out and hunt for my dinamika dress and some basic cosmetic items,come bek,listen to some of my favourite song,supper,and finally online...haha..a friend said my day is so only we can consider a day as a 'not simple' day?haha...

i spent RM200++ in 2 hours time...woah...but at least i settled my dinamika dress
with my XXXXXXX size,it is actually very hard to get a suitable dress...but i still manage to buy it...haha

but i still need a high heel,with my giant size leg, is SO difficult to get a suitable shoe...moreover,i never wear a high heel shoe before,so i guess it will be really tough buying such kind of shoe...haiya..i was thinking,what if i fall down wearing such kind of shoe?i will look for a hole and burry myself inside....T T....

huh...don't want to write anymore lar....some one is saying i m too 'high-profile' writting so many things here...guess what will happen if i post his photo with kai huey's pink strawberry umbrella here?hahaha

is a little short the way,it looks really ugly here..haha

Monday, January 21, 2008

21/1/2007 -mianyi.julian.ivy-

today i wake up as usual,headache(don't know why,each day i wk up at home,i ll hav headache,maybe i prefer my pillow in my hostel room?or a room without aircond?hahaha), i follow my dad out n buy tomyam(which is 1 of my favourite..^^), then i go to bank simpanan nasional and deposit those money we earn from selling t-shirt..u know?BSN in mentakab is so small,i believe those bank in other branches are almost the same too..with only 3 active counter,n more then 15 customers,i feel like dying waiting there yawning non-stop...(i was so sleepy that time),holding more then RM1000,i am actually afraid later a robber come in and take away those ridiculous i am!haha..

after waiting for more then half and hour,finally is my turn and after everything is done,i went home n do my homework and suddenly julian called me and she said she and ah bo will come and find me i quickly eat my lunch and julian came,honestly,she is getting fatter do i!peoples who went to matrics will come back with a bigger figure compare to last time..why?no pork is it?nonono...the foods are too oily and ... ... then ah bo came..she cut short her hair like a primary school student and her double chin came out already!haha...and when she saw me,she said 'MIAN YI!WHY ARE YOU SO FAT ALREADY?'haha...i said the same thing to her too!haha...oh well...after some teasing,we went out...we are still as noisy as before..i and julian keep tease her saying 'ryan this,ryan that...' but she was so excited....haha...this is what people name as 'people who are in love.'
we go out n eat,visit butiques,McD...n go home..
my dad n mum ask me,why ah bo become so 38(sampat) already?i agree with them le...and she is getting more n more hamsap you know she hit my butt more then 15 times today?
ah bo,i know my butt is getting bigger n bigger but don't hit la...very paiseh le...somemore,i am very very 'di diao'(low profile) 1 leh....haha...
then after she go back,i chat with julian for awhile then she go back too...haha...
a meaningful afternoon...after form 5,it is really hard 2 meet our friends often,so i do appreciate all the time we spent together..

P/S: congratez daniel for getting good result in your Cambridge A Level Examination...keep it up and gambateh everyone,do well in your next test! including me....hehe

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Year 2008!! had been quite some time since i last post a blog here..n finally,i m here again..^^
wow..time flies n i m 18 this year! goodbye year 2007 n welcome year 2008!!
let me sum up what i hav did in year 2007
*accompany daddy in hospital??
*visit MUAR for the very 1st time n came back with sweet memories..^^
*ate sushi king for the very 1st time
*1st time i won so much in gambling...kakaka
*i got my SPM result
*went to college which is beyond my expectation (my parents never plan to send me to private college before!)
*D'Allists is formed!
*be the counsellor for the new intake students in Nilai,but before i finish my job,i was FORCE to leave!
*yea..i left Nilai
*n i came to KMJ-Kolej Matrikulasi Johor
*the very 1st time i saw that much malay(seriously)
*no pork no pork
*i smuggled to Candy's room
*i found many 'ren yao' here
*i lost my phone!!
*sem 1 ended
*welcome semester 2
*i joined choir n we sang in tangkak
*to be continue....i cant really remember everything happened in year 2007,but in year 2007,many sad n happy things happened
and i m glad that i managed 2 overcome with all kind of frustation and obstacle!
actually after i left home,i realise many things,
really...for those who are still staying at home,do believe what i say...
eat more orelse you will regret some day!
well,after i came 2 matric,i have learnt many things,
i think,friends are important to us,they may cheer you up when you are down,they might help you and so on,but NOT ALL of our friends are like that!
i saw many friends who stick close to you when they need you and throw you away when they don't need you! some even worse,they can be vy good to you at time,n can be also vy cold to you!
i also saw many bad side of peoples,i hav some friends who love bragging how good he/she is in front of the others..after bragging,he/she ll turn to you n step on see you is really sickening!
at 1st when i was in matric,i quite enjoy the life here...but after a certain period of time,i started to feel tired with everything happened here...
busy life,peoples,homeworks...and i hope i can leave here ASAP!
anyway,now i mix with another gang of friends which i find they are quite good to mix with...i hope our friendship will remain forever! serious! ^^
huh...that is what i wish for year 2008
i also hope that i can get good result in my coming final exam n got my 1st choice university!
gambateh loh everyone...