Sunday, November 11, 2007

once again,end of holiday..welcome,2nd sem

yur..holidays end so fast...wanna go back already lo...
i hav watched lots of drama this holiday..haha
29 episodes of ....but still got 26 episodes more to go...
aiks aiks...short short short holiday...
2nd sem ll start soon..or should say tomorrow...haha
gambateh every1!

Friday, November 9, 2007

is matriculation that sucks?

jz now i was too free then i saw jovan i find him n chat 4 awhile since it has been quite some times i din chat with him already..

then he ask me howz life in matric, then he said that all his lecturers said that matric is easy thingy if compare 2 form 6 n foundation...then i replied him,yes is true matric is easier cz we dun learn as much thing compare 2 form 6,but it is difficult cz we nid 2 learn a lot of things in short time..then he concluded,matric is some sort of waste of time..but he said,julian is good bcz she choose matric,because she wanna apply for the way he talk,it seems like he think i m enjoying my life in matric,playing,didnt study n etc....

when he asked me what is my 1st choice course n my 1st choice university n i answered him,he kip scolding me stupid,vy stupid...n ask me why dont i jz do everything in sunway?fr the way he talk,i really think he is silly...he thinks every1 is as rich as his parents?is really ridiculous that he keep saying me stupid for studying in local U,is matriculation n local university that sucks?

i know,many ppls look down on us-matriculation student,saying that 'cheh...matric vy easy 1 la..din get 4 flat dun come out a...' i was once people who hav the same thought too...but when i enter matric,only i knew that,it is not as easy as i think...

huh well...jovan,it is ok u look down on me n also on the other matric students,but i ll work vy hard in 2nd semester,n i ll show u that,u are wrong...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

should i prepare earlier or prepare last minutes?

huh...there has been some times i din hav time 2 post any blog..
hav been vy busy recently..

fr de previous post,i mentioned that i came bek 4 a week raya break..den after that break,i ll hav my study lift in college..that whole week,i understood there r many things that i havent study.thatz y i make full use of my time,study n study..
everyday,when my mum called me,she ll ask me,'what time u slept last night?',
1st day i said,3am
2nd day,4am
3rd day,she asked again,i say 5am...
the 4th day,she asked again,i finally lost patience n ask,y mz u ask everyday?
she said,nola..jz wanna show concern..
oops...only i knew that i hav misunderstood her meaning..i tot she jz wanna check up whether i got study anot...hehe
n the following day,she still asking me the same question..=.=

until the last day of study lift,which means on sunday,i hav finish study all my business..n i can b counted as the 1 who study most among my i found my frens hav oni cover part of them..
ok..then final begin..1st day is english,there isnt anything that i nid 2 study,so i start prepare 4 the following test,which is maths...

the day b4 the maths paper,i study till 2am,oni i go 2 bed..
then on the following day,when i got my maths 1,i found it is much difficult then the previous year's final...until the last 2 question,the question is horrible,i only know how 2 answer part of it..n if i sum up the 2 question,it 'cost' me 30++ marks...die lo die lo..
times up,n every1 went out.i found nyon n i ask her how was it...she only describe it v a word....horrible...
every1 say so too!

haih...bcz of this paper,i was unable 2 pay attention 2 study 4 paper 2..i study a litt intergrattion,den i went out 4 exam once again...but luckily,the 2nd paper is easier then the previous paper...but i m still afraid i wont b able 2 score an A 4 maths...

3rd day of exam,account paper..actually i din study much 4 account,but i still manage 2 do based on the exercises i did last time...=P

4th day of exam,is de toughest n most horrible subject 4 us-account students,it is difficult not bcz it is is bcz it has too many things 2 memorize..thatz all..mentioned jz now,i hav finish study during de study lift,so i decide 2 flip through all the chapter bcz i expect i might hav 4got some of them...1st chap,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th...i realized i had 4got all of them!not jz part of it...n when i finish chap 7,it was around evening..i still got 8 more chap to go!when the clock struck 12am...i started 2 bcm panic..when i m panic,i cant sit still n do my things..i take my notes n walk 2 wendy's room...then i study in her room cz candy kip singing in the room..i was wondering,how she can study n sing at the same time huh?crazy 1...when is around frens start going 2 bed although they havent finish study...i duno how they can do that?huh...then i went bek 2 room n saw swee chan,fun wee were in my room.candy still singing..then i stand outside de room v my notes,studying..3am,every1 went back 2 room n candy went 2 bed...then i went into de room n cont my study.i saw my malay roommate(or should say is candy's roommate),1 bio student,n i physic student.i heard fr them that they hav only study few chaps,but they went 2 bed b4 they finish half of the books..this make me think,how come they can b so happy-go-lucky here?i started 2 think,if my skin is darker,n my name is longer,will i b jz like them too?i m so jealous!we nid 2 study so hard 2 get our 1st choice course n university..but them?huh...then whole night,i only manage 2 sleep 10 mins..bcz i was too panic,i phone my mum on the following morning,n at last i bring a pair of red eyes n red nose 2 de examination room...=.=

last day of exam,i duwan2 write much bout this la..still de same thing,i nid 2 study all over i hav 4got everything...duno what kind of brain i hav...=.=

after the exam,i went 2 HEP n register,bcz i hav 2 go bek late due 2 the MUET speaking test,then i went 2 the office n talk 2 my business lecturer...we chat 4 about half n hour the i n my frens went bek 2 the room.after lunch then i go n hav my bath,then i went 2 wendy's room n take some games fr her phone

around 5pm,i went back 2 my room n sleep...when i woke up,it was ald
instead of having dinner,i n swee chan went 2 de ko-op n each of us buy an ice cream...hmm...delicious..

the next day i hav my MUET paper 1,2 n 3...the 1st paper i red those passage till i fall sleep neh!
2nd paper..i got the essay titled-'role model may impact our life' justify your stand n give appropriate example.
huiyo...when i was writting the 1st point,the examinor told us that there r only half n hour left...n i rush rush rush..worry that the 3 points i wrote is actually a same point,then after the paper,i turn over n ask wei xiang whatz his point,surprised me,oni i realize that all his points are the same like mine!haha..the listening test still ok la..after the test,i phoned my mum then i went bek n sleep enjoy...haha