Saturday, January 31, 2009

happy CNY (2)- Kids

besides seeing all my cousins during the few days of the year, i also get to see all my cousins' kids...besides seeing them crying, shouting and much much more...the nicest thing is seeing them playing around in the house, outside the house, on the sofa and much much more..

Kids playing 'destroy the bubbles' outside the house, in Kuantan:
my sis said this little girl looks like Dora the Explorer:quite alike right?haha

after leaving kuantan, i get to see another pair of small kids again..and this time, is in Klang:

the brother and sister:
she started drawing on the newspaper after i taught her how to draw a 'tree'posing with her 'chao blank blank'and the brother joined in
and now i join in
oh no i look so dark...
peace V^^V
back in mentakab, during the Yap's reunion dinner:
2 very handsome nephews
the elder onethe younger one playing with chopsticks
and in my dad's customer's house in jerantut, i get to know this 2 girls:haha time to admit that i am not longer a kid already...haha

Friday, January 30, 2009

happy CNY (1)- food

1 year past, and finally is chinese new year again! the few days in a year i look forward most!
partly because what most of the kid love most, angpau...i love CNY because it is time where all relatives and cousins gather together, reunion dinner of a family, travelling, go shopping, and last but not least, one of my mum's side family tradition------------------------------>gambling!!HAHA....some people may feel very weird 'ei, how come new year go and gather with mum's side family but not dad's side family?' well, the reason is, we just prefer to gather with them...haha...and there are always laughter and screaming all around...why scream? continue reading and you will find out why..haha

every year, we will have the same place to go, 1st is kuantan for reunion dinner, then off we go to the mini casino of our family----> 大姨's house actually...haha

and throughout the 5 days away from home, i had lots of nice food, and i believe IF i am on diet, the diet plan will definitely be ruined...

wait wait...i want to post some pictures of 9th college's CC reunion dinner:

choir family-sopranos and alto before the performance
tenors and basses, also before the performance
a picture of me with my ah gongs ah ma's
and last but not least-the white devil family-my family^^
and now i will continue with my family's reunion dinner2 things that my uncle said he is proud of:

a flat-head spoon
he claimed that these 2 things are left by my grandma and they are at least 60 years old!

haha...during CNY eve, siang drive my sis, me and 2 more cousins to teluk cempedak eat KFC....= =
a bowl of shark fin soup
my cousin when pouring out the black vinegar
1st time eating big apple donuts----->sis bought back for everyone in the house
look at the donut---->it suppose to look nice but due to some technical problem,it became like this = =
12 donuts shared by 20++ people---->and within minutes, they are all gone T T and i managed to eat half of it----->good enough already actually..
adui..makan sampai tangan pun ada....
the wet and dry bak kut teh

well, i will skip the Yap's reunion dinner part, and go straight to the celebration of birthday in my house
the birthday boy and family
and ah pin, sorry for chasing you away, is for the family only...look at him at the back, the one with black sweater, walking away with disappointment, because he want to be in the picture..hahalook at how excited he is after he got into the picture--->early birthday celebration for him tooand finally, all February babiesok...end of post 1...and i m now sick...= =

Saturday, January 17, 2009

home sweet home!

is good to be home! haha

i m lying on the sofa watching heroes season1...and finally i finish the drama!haha...
when i am home, i can just lie down on the sofa, doing my own stuff, without anyone disturbing me----->this is for sure...
when i am home, i can just go to the piano whenever i wish to...without anyone
'sharing' the piano with me....
when i am home, i can get to see all my hedgehogs whenever i want...and ya...they are cute, though they are not really nice to hold...hahaha
when i am home, i can eat whatever food whenever i want to do so! and i know, some people will think: 'aiyer...pig...'....yea it's true...i enjoy eating!haha
when i am home, i can have my beloved hot water bath....and ya...i never have the chance to do so in college especially when i want to bath at 2am!

haha...chinese new year is just around the corner...hope to see my cousins and relatives soon----->this is just for those that i appreciate!
anyway, i am going back to KL tomorrow...hope to see all of you soon!^^