Sunday, June 29, 2008


it has been an extremely busy week preparing stuff and documents and finally today is the last night before stepping into university life..aha...

and look at the mess around~



mess in the room

before the x-ray test...(of cause i did wear my bra...)=.=

is 1.32am already and i think i gonna sleep instead of continue nagging and telling grandfather story...good night life awaiting me..jia you!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

present 4 u!~

was quite busy today lor...i went out with julian because she wanna take photos, buy bags, shoes, sandals, shirts (i accidentally taip 'shit' just now) etc... and i saw this cute keychain just now and immediately i think of purchasing them and give one of them to you...

here's the picture...

P/S: hope you'll like it!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

experience experience...

today i went for medical check up for the university i went to the hospital quite early lar...(because i know if i go later surely need to q very long one)

just like what we expect,i reach there at around 8.30am,and the seats are almost full with peoples..and we wait for around half an hour only we get our card and go to the xray department to make appointment.then we go to the don't know what lab la..something la..and test our urine..and the worker there gave i and hui wen each one small container to fill in our 'niao niao' we go to the toilet and collect our 'niao niao'.

hui wen went in 1st and come out with a full cup of urine..then i realised i don't have urine and i don't even have the urge to pee..i go to the toilet for around 4-5 times and i still don't produce urine..and my daddy even go back and take another bottle of water for me..

when my dad was away,i suddenly have an idea (which makes me think i am so smart) pui..
and i ask hui wen to pee into my container and then i use her urine for my own report...aha...i wondered what if the uncle know we do that,will got scolded or not leh?hahaha...

duh...once i place hui wen's urine on the counter,i suddenly feel like peeing..and yea..i guess i can give him two cups of urine if he want..aha...

and the last steps,we go for weight,height test and so on...and i still maintain my elephant weight...6-kg...sob...and really la..i hope can slim down after i go to university la..although each time after i say that i will still eat like a pig...:)

just for fun~

actually nothing lar...hahajust post it for fun because i am happy cz it jz looks like i have a double eyelid in this picture...aha

P/S:i didn't make up a...

lesson learnt..aha

was checking my mail just now and i suddenly saw this mail...

immediately i post here 'cause i found it quite meaningful

agree? hee....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

love yourself or kill yourself

yeah we have mum's tomyam mee hoon kuey for dinner tonight and of course it is delicious with sotong,prawns, etc...

after dinner i suddenly have a stomachache and walk to the toilet (of course..)with my soundless footsteps (i think so) and i saw my maid holding a spoon near her mouth in front of the bowl piles and when she realise i was there,she quickly put down the spoon and of course i act like nothing happened..

not that i want to say much lah..she complained to my mum about those rashes on her hands, itchy and we can see her hands swell too...and i admit they look kinda 'geli'..of cause with this situation she faced,my mum and even the doctor asked her not to eat any 'poisonous' food..and not that she don't know in the tomyam got prawn but okay since she don't care about that, then i think i also no need to bother so much la...sien one...

Friday, June 13, 2008

i'm in love #2

huh...i really have to admit..i'm in love with a stupid looking,funny and seriously cute creature...

yea it is actually a msn 1st i seriously hate that rabbit... this 1...nikkubao can be my saksi....muahaha...each time i see that rabbit i will feel like cursing him...but now i grew to love him more and more....and i eventually spend my whole last night and this morning download all it's emoticon and put them in a special folder call 'my crazy rabbit'...hahaha...
PS:yea i know i am kinda 'wuliao'...but then i am just too free...hahaha

i'm in love #1

if i am not longer bored with the same routine everyday...

recently,i am kinda busy with my car license thingy and finally i pass my P test yesterday...aha...
and recently i admit i got influenced by daniel a lot..and i am in love with iPhone and few products from HTC..

PS: i swear if i got enough money i will get one of them for myself! ahahahaha....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

time to get my license...otherwise i guess i ll not know how to drive until i'm 30...(although i also hope i hav a personal driver who can always bring me out)..aha

nikku said "mianyi ah..u r very 'shi bai' le..even wen jian also got his license already le.."

so..i decide to get my license ASAP before i enter uni..and after waiting for few weeks,i went for my 1st car driving lesson on saturday 7/6..once i get into the car,my tutor told me, 'dulu kakak lu pandu cepat oh..kereta mati engin di tgh jln pun muka selamba aje...'then he hand over the car to me once we reach the driving school.and i start driving at 20km/j..= =..vy luckily i never bang on those tiang and also didn't mati enjin until i go and learn the naik bukit difficult for a noob like me..T T..and when i drove back from songsang to my shop,i saw nikkubao and i got distract by her until the uncle ask me to change gear i also nvr listen to him = =..then at night i have a phobia to go for the following lesson tomorrow...seriously..sob..

but then i still attend on the 2nd day and improvement...and on the 3rd day,the uncle suddenly ask me to go for trial.the 1st test is the easiest,parking. and the 2nd one is the naik bukit 1..huh...that test kill me..everything was fine at 1st,but then when i restart the engine,the car mati engine= =...huh..then the uncle ask me to go 4 the road test,i made so many paiseh le...and the uncle keep scolding me...sob..

and today u go for another lesson and when the uncle ask me to drive from songsang to mentakab he asked keep asking me to speed up.when is about 60km/h,i tell him, 'uncle sudah lebih 50 lar..' but he answered back 'cepat sikit la...saya 10.30 de student lagi..'then he ask me to speed up to 100km/h...fuh...luckily nothing happened,otherwise i ll kill him le...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

it was a busy week last week travelling around.since young,i seldom go for travelling because my parents are often busy with their business.last friday,we went down to singapore by train.7 hours journey,huh...cant imagine that,all along the journey,i hardly drink water because i was afraid that the toilet in the train hours journey should be...bor-ring..but i sleep nearly all along the journey..aha..when we reach JB,is around 11+am already.we went to my sis's bf's aunt's house and pay her a visit.few hours after lunch,then we leave for singapore.when i was in the customs,i almost forget to take my passport from the officer.then he asked'why?dont want your passport already is it?'so embarassing...once we reach singapore,aunt puay leng come n fetch us to uncle siang's house.after chit chatting for while and after all of us bath,we went out for dinner with all the cousins and believe or not..aunt puay leng ordered 9 dishes for each table..fuh...after dinner we went to causeway mall for a walk and she bought each of us a swenson's ice cream.

on the 2nd day,huh...we knew it'll be a tiring day for us.early in the morning,we went for breakfast (and i wondered..why singaporean's breakfast so big bowl 1 har?)..then we leave for sentosa island by mrt.i stand nearly the whole journey,and there is a girl carrying a big guitar standing bside actually plan to go for luge and skyride but it close down due to the bad sad..i come so far but cant play with it..sobsob...bcz of the bad weather,we leave sentosa earlier then expected and went for shopping in vivo city.then we went to china town and have dinner with my cousin.when i reach home,is around 11pm already,after taken my bath and have a phone call,i go to sleep..

and the last day in singapore..early in the morning( choice lar..lag of time ma..)we went out and eat bak kut teh (actually is undenieable,i still think malaysia's bak kut teh is nicer),then off we go to the orchard road(we shop, and shop, and shop),we went for mosburger,because it is not available in is special because instead of using the burger bun,they change it with sushi rice.after that,we went home and prepare to go back to malaysia soon.and when is the train departure time,my family go and scan our passport at the counter,and i am the last person to scan.after that,i run over and get my mum.but then suddenly a guard come and block me and ask me to go aside and he wanna check my things.stupid fellow..i almost burst in tears already that time,but then i say to myself,i never do anything wrong,why should i afraid of him..stupid guard.then he scolded me 'apa lari lari?' then he start checking my things and ask me 'kamu orang malaysia ke?'then i said 'yala..orang malaysia'.then after checking and mess up all my stuff,he finally let me go...stupid guard..sobsob..

playing with stingrays

yea..believe or not..this is our breakfast..= =

a pic before we leave

P/S:thanks for accompany us all along the trip^^