Thursday, August 30, 2007

i m onlining in my school computer lab...
of coz...i m having class...lalala...
aiyo...2day so damn paiseh le..
1st 2 lesson is my economy tutor's class...
n the teacher let us go b4 the class end,is around 9.15
bcz i m too tired,i decided 2 go n hav a SHORT nap in my hostel room...
i set my alarm 2 make sure i wont b late...
then i sleep...

when i wake up n look at my watch,is 10.25am,
i think,ei?my watch spoil ad a?then i look at my phone again...
i m late....i rush rush rush n my fren start 2 phone me....
n when i reach the lecture hall,i can felt my ear bcm hot,face bcm hot...n etc...
n i lied 2 my teacher saying i m having a bad...haha..but no choice la.. paiseh la...
after i sit down n look at the alarm set in my phone,oni i knew that
9.40am-------9.40PM......PM PM!!
no wonder i m late! ouch

i felt really happy v my ups result...gambateh!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

buh-bye home,welcome bek 2 KMJ...

huh..finally it is de last day of holiday..
i guess every1 is feeling sad right now.. sad la..
can i request 4 another week's holiday?
can i can i?
i know the answer is a NO..

last day of holiday,
i knew i ll appreciate my mum's food more..

last day of holiday,
i knew i ll b facing those malay's oily food again..

last day of holiday,
i knew i ll miss home n my family soon..

last day of holiday,
i knew i ll start rushing v this n that(homework,test, n etc) again..

last day of holiday,
i know i shouldnt waste my time again,cz final is coming in 2 months time..

last day of holiday,
if i were to write everything,i guess i wont b able 2 list down everything here..

aiks..time flies...

i m looking forward 2 come bek again during de hari raya puasa holiday...

study hard n gambateh every1..
will meet all KMJ frens soon...
n result is coming out soon...cham lo...

p/s:i guess i wont hav much chance 2 write blog that often in college ba..haha

i found lots of piano scores 2day...but ll oni hav de chance 2 learn it after i come bek de nexd time...pathetic o...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Happy or sad?


this evening,my dad,mum n i was eating dinner 2gether n my mum finish her meal 1st n she had a look at the mooncake she baked in de afternoon...she kip modeling v the whole tray of mooncake n ask my dad whether her mooncakes look nice anot, nex my dad suggest 2 take a photo..haha..

at 1st,i was de 1 who hold de camera but i can stop laughing bcz she was really funny that time.. the end,my dad capture few pic,n i capture few..haha..

mummy v mooncakes..haha

it is 2.45am now,n i hav jz done watching jay's virgin movie-....

there r many 'piano' scence in that movie that really amazed me..

it seems like a fantasy,but it is nice o..

i felt sad after watching de movie..

1st,bcz of how the story ends.


2nd,i m going bek 2 KMJ soon...
sad la sad la..

i duwan2 go bek le...

p/s:i help my bro 2 write kaligraphy jz now..haha..i know it is not nice..dun laugh la..haha

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


seakin-the most unforgetable senior

2day,i hav a look at those photos in my camera..
n i found there r lots of pic taken when i leave Nilai college 4 months ago..
i omost forget bout the picture inside der..
those pic make me recall many things..
D'Allists and the other frens,nilai spring,starbaker n much much more..

how r u all recently n i found i hav already lost contact v lots of them...really..

it is a sad thing that D'Allists is going 2 perish fr de land of nilai soon...
after chewy left,
i n julian left 4 matriculation,
then mk--kdu,
next vivian--JPA scholarship-taylor,
then Alan..

now..there r oni denise,matthew,jeremy,evelyn n miky left... many ll stay n how many ll leave after this?
no1 knows...
anyhow,i still hope our frenship n oso those memories v gain together when we were still 2gether last time ll remain 4ve...

yak sok!

Monday, August 20, 2007


sad!! phone got stolen ad la...
my w850i...i ll miss u 4va....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

1/3 D'Allists Reunion..

huh...finally the day had come..

8am bus,but it arrive at 8.30...of coz la..malaysia's system wad...
10.30am,we(hui lee,candy,n me) reach pekeliling bus station,

n hav a LONG queue 2 buy ticket home..

then we go straight 2 sg wang..

10%,20%,50% n even 70% discount can b found in every shop,

best buy,

best buy,and

best buy everywhere!aha

and we walk walk walk,until our leg ache,but we still continue walking..
until 2.30pm,oni we depart 2 midvalley...4 what?

Reunion of coz!haha

is really excited 2 meet sapo,38 partner in NILAI...miss denise n vivian!!
and i finally hav the chance 2 meet denise's 'bubu'...national service national service..HAHA

and both of them really hav a lot of sweet sweet moments in front of me,vivian n candy..huh..

we went 2 mcd cz the denise n 'bu' couple said they r hungry..

in the end,we all 'bili bala' none stop in MCD,v denise's mouthfull of burger etc..

this leng zai la that leng zai la,what julian denise la,gao fei la,n 1 more-terrence-->after listening 2 what they said,he is a 'yam lou' yam le?i oso duno..


then we went 2 'kids' wonderland'-->i duno what is it's actual i jz simply name it la..*dont sue me ar,i hav no money 2 pay ah!*haha

and once photo time!

got 1 machine like dun like me leh..each time i went there,that machine sure out of order 1 suey..n finally,after duno how many minutes' 'hard work',the pictures were completed la!haha..

then when is time 2 say buh-bye,how sad i felt..

after this,i really duno when can we meet each other again..

when i hav holiday,they nid 2 study,
when i dun hav holiday,they r having holiday..haihhaih..

then i n candy went 2 yoshinoya 4 dinner..

while waiting 4 the food 2 come,i took out de box that denise n the others had prepared 4 me..
n when i red the diary they wrote 4 me,how i feel like touch,n so sad..

i hav left nilai for 4 months...time flies..
how r the others now?chewy,MK,alan,matt,evelyn,miky,jeremy?n the other frens in nilai?

i know i ll appreciate all those things in the box..i ll..

anyway,i still hope there ll b 2nd chance 4 us to reunion,n i hope it is a 100% D"Allists reunion..
i miss D'Allists..

present i received fr denise,vivian n the others

denise n her bf

Friday, August 17, 2007


ppl must b thinking,wow...this ppl so free ka?hav so much time 2 write blog or should say start blogging..haha...i m free now,but i m actually not that free lah..=.=..still got loads n loads of homework n assignment waiting 4,account n economies test after holiday..
i really duno whether those lecturers know whatz the meaning of holiday anot..

is complicated..


2day i spend some times hanging around n visit ppl's blog n found it is really fun writting blog..

stop talking craps..

9 more days to go..n i m going back to that boring place...KMJ...
should i say it is boring?or it is fun?
it is boring, bcz my life there is only study study and study..
sometimes,it is fun, bcz some of my frens n i ll do many silly stuff in the school compound, in the room,in the toilet,along the corridor and even in the lecture hall!

and 1 more thing 2 add on..most of the ppl who went 2 study in matriculation hav put on weight..
of coz...
including me!

it's undeniable,once u sit down n when u saw lots of junk food in front of u,
no matter how hard u try 2 control urself,it wont work too..
or else,u ll end up fall sleep on the table n saliva dripping all over ur books,
which 1 u prefer?

9 more days,9 more days..

i hope i can stop the clock,

i want to stay at HOME!!