Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i used to be a girl who loves hiding from problem last time, once i met something that i don't think it can be solved, i will tend to run away and just leave it like that.

and well, 3 years pass, and he comes back to the question again, i somehow think i should just answer him honestly, since it had already past for so many years!

i didn't know the consequences of being honest will be like that, makes me wonder, why should i say out?

i think i will need to consider going back to the 'Miss Dont know', should just leave everything like that and make everything a mystery...

however, after thinking about it, it's not worth doing that for someone who get mad when explanations are made. what more, it had pass for so long!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

blissful me..^^

daddy, mummy and brother went down to klang to attend my cousin's wedding...
and ya, because of the stupid exam, i can't go...and i managed to persuade them to come and find me after my MIS paper this afternoon...my aunt actually asked her to bring me lunch from home-not my house lar..my aunt's house! ^^

dabao food from home-this term fade away from my 'dictionary' since i guess primary school or maybe secondary 1 or 2 or 3-forget...and today...ta-da
yummy yummy, keep it for dinner

i saw dad's eyes with a small patch of blood red colour on the white part...give me a shock!
mum said that it's because his eye is too tired, so the blood vessels break...yer...sounds so pain..T T

went to Mid Valley with them, *this is the 1st time i go to MV with them since i enter Uni*...
went to coffee bean, and i order a double chocolate ice blended..hmm not bad ^^

finish already T T
looking for plasma tv...it's finally time to change a new one ;-)

okay, for now, i need to start studying already

i have this much to study for monday paper

siao a...so many...actually is this much only, but still many :(
ok...lets study

Friday, April 24, 2009

Apple fever !!

the 1 thing that i really really wish i could own right now,

ta-da,yup, an ipod touch...RM949 for 8Gb, and RM1,229 for 16 Gb...

i believe i can make full use of it...the applications that can be installed in it vary from this to that (i don't know how to describe) haha

When i am very exciting with the thought of owning one ipod touch, Daniel tempted me with the maxis iphone 3G...

it's super cool with the black casing at the back, but to get a cheap one, you will need to sign a 12-24 months contract with Maxis, with the minimal pay of RM100 per month, RM50 for talktime and RM50 for the 3G connection.

Siao ar...if Maxis cut off the RM50 3G connection charge, i think i can consider buying it...

siao one

woah, my 1st time leh...it's 5.46am and i am still studying...
this is called, 'last minute study'

i am so envy, listening my roommates snoring, seeing them sleeping

Monday, April 20, 2009


i am actually quite glad that i couldn't see those 'dirty stuff''

how will you feel when u see things that you are not suppose to see?
how will you feel when u see things that the others can't see?
how will you feel when u see some figure, standing in front of you, waving to you, and then walk pass you??

yucks...i don't want to say already...
i wanna go and sleep already...

yucks yucks yucks

Friday, April 10, 2009

spongebob squarepants

it's 3.29am...and i must admit i am hell sleepy now...
feeling hungry, 'sien', sleepy and really really frustrated with the so-many-words-notes...
i went online, and guess what...i found this:

an emo spongebob

i think i still prefer that stupid spongebob who laugh non-stop and fore sure, without the hair...

this is more adorable right?haha

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

it just sounds so sarcastic when you named yourself as 'friend' of mine...

you make me appreciate you, but deep inside i should know, you don't worth me appreciate you AT ALL

Monday, April 6, 2009

i fell down twice at the stairs before and after the camp i attended yesterday...
and finally i sprain my middle finger...

T T..what a day...