Sunday, October 17, 2010

an unforgettable saturday~

-i went to the hospital
-waited for around 45 mins outside the hospital; no fan; panas
-the MO gave me 2 jabs
-to distract my attention, 1 nurse said: wa, besarnya kaki; and the MO said: wa, lawanya kasut..= =
-1 jab on my left arm, another on my right elbow's vein..(i even asked the nurse, can don't inject me or not T T)..
-the 1st was painful; 2nd caused dizziness
-really very dizzy after the 2nd jab, and the pain caused by the 1st jab only disappear after 2-3 hours
-the MO tested my body temperature and i was still busy talking although the thermometer was right below my tongue and the nurse said: ei!tutup mulut..@@
-MO said i had a 'high fever' of 38 degree celcius (eh betulke ni, where got fever?? = =)
-the worst of all is, he asked me to go back for blood test tomorrow (by right should be later..already passed 12am).. i think he suspected me for denggue...almost pengsan after he said that
-by the way, i planned to ignore the blood test (needle phobia now)

i conclude: i hate hospital so much, especially needle...however, what surprised me was the MO and nurses there are quite friendly...hmm...that really surprised me!

-went for someone's 90years old birthday just now
-had some wine...hmm hmm

that's how i think my saturday was really unforgettable..especially on the hospital visit thingy...(till now still feel scare..aiks)

by the way, good night ya everyone!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

OH TIDAK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

i am back at home after 1 long month~

after supper, my dad look and me and say, 'i m sure u never exercise in KL 1'

T T.....he is trying to say: 'walao, see how fat u are now...' T T


P/S: today is BEAST's 1st anniversary after debut....happy birthday BEAST! <3<3~

good night all~hopefully i will recover from sick after i wake up tomorrow ^^